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To develop PHP/MySQL web application you definitely need to install the following: a web server, preferably Apache web server, follow by the PHP application server or engine then finally the MySQL server, I was one of the few people who have to  install all these individually this can be painful and time taken from a beginner, thankfully the PHP community is full of too many creative, concern and wonderful young minds, who have thought it through to develop a SINGLE installation program to do all this for you, and the project is called WAMP for Windows version or LAMP for Linux user, in case you don’t know, WAMP is an acronym  for:

W: Windows, the operating systems (or) L: for Linux (or) X: for cross-platform OS
A: Apache an open server web server, from Apache software foundation, just like the Microsoft IIS web server
M: MySQL an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
P: PHP the programming language and web application engine

For this tutorial I will advice you download the XAMPP for Windows if you are using Windows operating system or for Linux if you are using any Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. So visit to download the XAMPP server for free and install it on your computer, after this you can then start the XAMPP Control Panel to start Apache and MySQL

xampp install shot

If you had install XAMPP for Linux, the Control Panel may look some how different, which everyone you install, the most important thing is to start the Server by clicking on the button.

lamp install shot

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