See record in phpMyAdmin


As a continuation of the last exercise, to confirm or see the data inserted, I return to PhpMyAdmin and select our bgdb database by clicking on it from the list of databases.
Note: I have many existing database project on this list.


After clicking the database it becomes active, and then I click on the browse icon browse before feedback, to see the table in dataview.


Note: if you click on the text “feedback” instead on the browse icon, the table will show in structure view and not data view below is what both view will look like.


both view


Note: if you are in structure view you can click the “Browse” tab at the menu above to switch to Dataview, beside I notice in the newer version of phpMyAdmin (on my internet host) that clicking the name and the icon before the name, does just the opposite as this version of phpMyAdmin.   

Now that we have confirmed the presence of the data, we can now proceed to the next topic, which is actually a continuation of this.



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